We are claiming our future: Time for change
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We are claiming our future: Time for change

Incleaders 08 april

We are claiming our future: Time for change

When: Thursday 8th April, 20:00-21:30h online on Zoom.

We are living in a time of great challenges. Our coexistence is being threatened by multiple issues such as COVID-19, inequality, poverty, racism, climate change and online disinformation, misinformation & harm. In the middle of all these developments, a new generation of Transatlantic Leaders are trying to seek out a new future. They are redefining our system, enforcing our common values, and stating: the Time for Change is Now!

Be part of Incleaders – the Inclusion Leaders Network. Share us with your ideas and join the conversation with New Generation of Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders.


Speakers: U.S. State Senator Raumesh Akbari (Tennessee – USA), Mr. Jan-Willem Scheijgrond, Global Head of Government and Public Affairs & Chair UN Global Compact, Alfiaz Vayia (Co-founder Equinox – UK) and Samira Rafaela (Member of European Parliament – NL).


Organization: Ahmed Larouz & Mpanzu Bamenga, Co-founders INCLeaders – the Inclusion Leaders Network

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